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Things you Must Keep in Mind During Spa Treatments

If you are new to spa massage, you may find the experience pretty daunting. But, you can get the most out of the experience when you know what to expect beforehand. This guide will help you become informed about what to expect during a spa massage:

Should you Go Naked?

In the treatment room, ask for a pair of disposable paper knickers, although they are often a part of the treatment. If you are not sure how to wear them, ask the friendly therapist. Also, you can wear a bikini if you want and undo the back before your massage. However, the majority of women are not comfortable about simply lying down topless to prevent their bra from digging into them. If you feel a little cold, ask for an extra towel to keep you warm on the massage table. If you feel too hot, ask the therapist to remove any towels or blankets. In many spas, massage beds can have an in-built electric heater and you can ask for this to be turned down or off altogether.

Dealing with the Spa Music

If you find the spa music too loud, you can ask for it to be turned down or switched off. You don’t have to endure it and have an uncomfortable experience. Most spas let you pick from a selection of bespoke CDs in every treatment room while others have music that plays over a high-tech system throughout the city spa. This option can be difficult for the therapist to regulate. Busier spas have music that can block out outside noise or a rumbling stomach.

What If you Feel Self-Conscious?

Being a first-timer at a spa, you will naturally feel self-conscious. However, keep in mind that spa therapists have seen it all before. You can be sure that towels serve another function in spa treatments other than drying and keeping you warm. Towels are also utilised for shielding your modesty, especially around the bust and bottom parts. If you will be asked to turn over during treatment, the therapist will lift a big towel up for this purpose.

Enjoying the Treatment Mindfully

You need to inform your therapist that you may want to drift off or relax in silence. You don’t have to explain the reason as it is your treatment. Your therapist will expect that you want to enjoy the treatment mindfully. Professional spa therapists are trained to answer your questions without initiating conversations.

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