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Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction

Premature ejaculation occurs prior to a successful erection and may have negative personal consequences. There are two types of premature ejaculation – lifelong – which develops from the first coitus and acquired ejaculation. Psychogenic ED is also called performance anxiety. This condition is usually caused by stress. While many causes are treatable, some treatments can have side effects. Listed below are some of the most popular.

Many men experience ED for many reasons, including stress, alcohol, and medications. ED can also be caused by low testosterone, high blood pressure, or medications for depression or anxiety. However, lifestyle changes can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Men who feel embarrassed about their sexual problems may delay treatment until they find out that their partner is suffering from ED as well. Ultimately, the best treatment for ED is not to suppress the symptoms and avoid them completely. Instead, talk to your physician about all your options and find the right treatment for you.

Some causes of erectile dysfunction are vascular and neurological disorders. Stroke or diabetes can damage nerves that send impulses to the penis. ED can also be caused by psychological issues, such as being stressed out or self-conscious, or thinking that your partner is reacting negatively to your efforts to get an erection. Lastly, medications, alcohol, and smoking are all associated with an increased risk of erectile dysfunction.

Several different medical treatments are available for men with erectile dysfunction, including medication and surgery. Several tests are available to help diagnose the problem, but they are only able to give limited information to your doctor. If your symptoms persist, your doctor may recommend further testing or even surgical intervention. If the condition is chronic, a doctor will prescribe a medication or suggest a treatment. Your doctor may also prescribe you a course of oral medications.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction include nerve damage, heart disease, and chronic lungs or liver disease. Certain drugs can interfere with the nerve impulses or blood flow to the penis. Stress and relationship problems are also known causes of erectile dysfunction. Some people may also suffer from the condition for no apparent reason. Depending on your age and gender, a Tampa men’s medical clinic may prescribe a medication or suggest lifestyle changes that may help with symptoms.

Physical causes account for 90 percent of cases of ED. Psychological causes are less common but are no less serious. Psychological causes of ED can range from common everyday emotional states to mental health conditions. Some of these factors may be treatable or preventable, such as stress. Among those with ED, cigarette smoking, high cholesterol, and obesity can all lead to an erectile failure. If these causes cause your erectile dysfunction, it is best to seek medical care to ensure your health.

While many men don’t seek medical treatment for ED, it is an important part of your overall health. While it may be embarrassing to admit you have a sexual dysfunction, the symptoms of ED often are an early sign of other, more serious underlying conditions. Erectile Dysfunction can be a precursor to serious conditions, like progressive coronary disease. Your doctor should ask you about your sexual function and make an accurate diagnosis.

A physical examination will reveal if your penis has any abnormal characteristics, as this could indicate a problem with your nervous, hormonal, or endocrine system. Your doctor may also perform a lipid profile test, which measures fatty acids in your blood. High lipid levels can indicate problems with the endocrine system and affect blood circulation in the penis. Lab tests may reveal problems with your thyroid hormone function, which regulates sex hormone levels. Other tests may show abnormalities in other hormones, such as testosterone.

Certain prescription drugs can cause erectile dysfunction. These medications affect hormones, blood circulation, and nerves in the penis. Taking them can also increase your risk of erectile dysfunction. Several common medications that cause erectile dysfunction include diuretics, which increase urine flow, and antiarrhythmics, which treat irregular heartbeat. While taking these medications, make sure you discuss your erectile problems with your doctor first.

Premature ejaculation is a common symptom of ED. It occurs before a vaginal penetration, and may cause negative social and personal consequences. There are two main types of precocious ejaculation, lifelong and acquired. In the former case, premature ejaculation occurs before vaginal penetration. Psychogenic ED is caused by performance anxiety. People with this type of erectile dysfunction may avoid sexual activity altogether or have a hard time having successful coital relations.

There are several common causes of erectile dysfunction, including medications, physical conditions, and psychological factors. For example, diabetes affects the nerves controlling erections. Furthermore, it can lead to nerve damage caused by diabetes. If these factors are the root cause of your erectile dysfunction, a doctor can prescribe medications or even surgery to correct your problem. Once the root cause has been determined, treatment can begin.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction include atherosclerosis, which narrows the penile arteries and clogs them. Physical causes account for ninety percent of cases of ED. Psychological factors are much less common, but can still lead to the onset of the condition. Psychological factors are related to everyday emotional states, and can be caused by treatable mental illnesses. In fact, sexual performance anxiety affects between 9 and 25% of men.

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