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How to Get and Use Medical Cannabis in Utah

Few proponents of medical cannabis thought that Utah would ever join the rest of the country’s cannabis-friendly states. But that is exactly what happened when voters approved Proposition 2 in 2019. Even after that, few people thought that Utah lawmakers would ever allow home delivery. But that is available in the Beehive State now, too.

Utah may not allow recreational marijuana, but medical cannabis is now alive and well there. Anyone currently dealing with one of the conditions on the state’s official list can utilize cannabis for medical purposes. How do you do it? The explanation is below, compliments of Beehive Farmacy in Salt Lake City and Brigham City, UT.

Get Your Medical Cannabis Card

The first step is to get a medical cannabis card. During the first year of Utah’s program, patients could get by with a letter of recommendation. Such letters are no longer accepted. Patients must visit with a Qualified Medical Provider (QMP) or Limited Medical Provider (LMP) with prescribing authority in the state. The medical provider can be a doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or podiatrist.

It is the medical provider’s responsibility to verify that the patient suffers from a qualifying condition. They must also certify that medical cannabis is an appropriate treatment for the patient.

There is an electronic application that goes along with the medical cannabis card. The patient begins the application process prior to visiting a medical provider. During or after the medical appointment, the provider enters the required information into the state’s electronic verification system (EVS). Finally, the patient completes the online application and submits the required fee. If approved, the state issues a medical cannabis card electronically.

Register With a Pharmacy

The next step is to register with a pharmacy. Most first-time patients will complete registration at a medical cannabis pharmacy at the time they wish to make their first purchase. Once a patient is registered with a pharmacy, no further action is needed.

Some Utah pharmacies allow online registration so that patients can also order online as well. Beehive Farmacy is one of them. Patients who order online might also be able to have their orders delivered to their homes. Not all Utah pharmacies offer delivery right now, but delivery operators are working to eventually cover the entire state.

Place Your Order

With a medical cannabis card in hand and pharmacy registration complete, the patient is ready to place that first order. Medical cannabis products can be purchased in-person or ordered online. Online orders not subject to delivery can be picked up in-person later in the day.

The tricky part about placing an order is knowing what to buy. Medical cannabis in Utah comes in multiple forms. Patients can purchase cannabis flower for dry heating or making edibles at home. Smoking cannabis is illegal in Utah. If cannabis flower is inappropriate for a patient’s condition, there are other choices:

  • Vape cartridges
  • Tinctures and oils
  • Tablets, capsules, and gummies
  • Topical lotions and creams.

It is generally recommended that patients discuss delivery methods and doses with their pharmacists. With that in mind, Beehive Farmacy recommends tracking consumption. Patients should write down exactly what they use, how much and how often they use it, and how the product makes them feel. Pharmacists can use this information to make future recommendations.

Utah’s medical cannabis program is strict compared to some other states. Still, it works. It gives patients with qualifying conditions access to cannabis without opening the door to the problems associated with recreational use. It is one of the better state programs out there.

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