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Common Myths About Substance Abuse and Addiction Clarified for You

Society views substance abuse and addiction as bad things, which means everything related to them is terrible. Believing in these myths without facts can be damaging and may deny you the chance to get treatment if you are addicted to drugs. This is why we have decided to clarify some common myths surrounding substance abuse and addiction to help you know the truth and why you should get help. Here are some common myths.

1.      People Choose to Use Drugs, and Addiction is Their Fault

Society views the people struggling with addiction as evil people who lack morals. However, nobody chooses to get addicted, and addiction has nothing to d with morals. It could be because of trauma, depression, upbringing, genetics, and other influencers.

2.      Rehab Does Not Work

Some people believe rehabs do not work and choose to fight independently. However, going to rehab is more than getting treatment. It requires dedication and the decision to change. Rehab is more than just a place for addicts. It is educational, and you gain a lot of skills. The good thing about rehab is that you can choose intensive inpatient treatment, where you stay in the facility, or outpatient treatment, where you go on with your life as you get treatment.

3.      Prescription Drugs Are Safer

People believe that prescription drugs like sedatives, painkillers, and stimulants are not addictive because the doctor gives them. However, people who use these drugs risk developing an addiction. They are also addictive and may have harmful effects like illegal drugs.

4.      Rehab is for the Rich

 Many people fear going to rehab because it is deemed a thing for the rich. However, the costs vary, and it is possible to get affordable ones. Furthermore, insurance can cover part of the treatment to relieve the burden. Today, rehabs are way cheaper than before to ensure anybody struggling with addiction can get the right help.

5.      You Are Lost If You Relapse

Recovering from addiction is a lifelong process. Therefore, you are responsible for ensuring you stick to a healthy lifestyle and don’t go back to the same behavior that triggers abuse. However, relapsing is part of recovery when the body experiences the same symptoms. However, it does not mean you have failed. It is only a setback that you can overcome. It may signify that you need to change certain things for a full recovery.

6.      There is No Point in Trying After Failed Treatment

It does not mean treatment has failed if you get treated and return to your old habits. It is a normal thing that many people on the recovery journey experience. The point is not to give up. You learn something new every time you get treated. Eventually, it may change your mind and how you handle recovery.

These are six popular myths about substance abuse and addiction. Knowing them and the facts is vital to seeing things as they are and seeking help. You should not be struggling with addiction. Get your life and your health on track by seeking rehabilitation. It is not easy, but it is worth it in the end.

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