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This Is What Happens To Your Body 10 Hours After Applying The Nail Polish!
The vast majority of almost every women is to paint their nails. But, do you know that the nail polish contains chemical components that are toxic and can cause damage to the body, not only superficially, but internally in our body. So if you want to know how nail polish can affect your body, you should continue reading this information.

A recent study has found that many of the most popular nail polish brands are far more harmful than they appear.
The researchers tested 24 women who painted their nails to detect signs of chemical toxins in their body.  They found toxins in each of them. The causant? The nail polish.

The results showed that 100% of the participants showed signs of triphenyl phosphateonly 10 hours after the application of the nail polish.

In a follow-up study, the same researchers tested ten different nail polishes and found that 8 of them contained this chemical. In addition, 2 of the nail polishes that tested positive for triphenyl phosphate did not indicate on the label containing this chemical compound. This could mean that up to 20% of the nail polishes that are on sale contain a dangerous chemical that does not appear in its list of ingredients.

What is triphenyl phosphate?

One of the major concerns about triphenylphosphate is that it disrupts the endocrine system of humans. It can affect hormone regulation, metabolism, reproduction and development.
This is especially harmful for girls who use nail polish regularly, since healthy hormonal development is an essential part of their growth. However, triphenyl phosphate poses a serious risk to the health of anyone who exposed to it.

It is also known to be:

  • Neurotoxin
  • Endocrine toxin
  • Reproductive Toxin
  • Irritant to skin
  • Allergen

Other Hazardous Nail Polish Compounds


Formaldehyde is a well-known carcinogen that can dissolve in water and air. Exposure to this chemical can also produce symptoms such as clinging, asthma, and shortness of breath. Those with chronic diseases are especially susceptible to formaldehyde poisoning.

It causes lung and nasal cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has identified it as a deadly carcinogen. It acts as a nail-hardening agent. The worst part is its ability to evaporate, and you get to inhale it. Formaldehyde often causes irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. But, it’s still a common ingredient of the products you have in your home.

Pick a healthier product or try making your own with the help of several natural ingredients. Look for nontoxic polishes that are marked as low-hazard products in the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database.


It’s contained in nail polishes to make them smoother. This toxic chemical plays the role of an octane booster in gasoline, and it’s often part of the raw material used in the production of TNT. Toluene causes headaches, nausea, birth defects, developmental abnormalities, liver and kidney damage. It’s has a negative effect on the nervous system. This toxin manages to cross the blood-brain barrier, and affect GABA, dopamine and other neurotransmitters. This interaction causes cerebral and cerebella degeneration, which often leads to seizures, decreased cognitive abilities, and blindness. The EU banned the use of toluene.

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

It’s supposed to prevent the chipping part. This chemical causes cancer in lab animals and long-term fertility issues in newborn boys, but some companies still use it. Experts refer to it as reproductive and developmental toxin. Europe has banned its use, but it’s still used in the US. Environmental groups have signed many petitions that require a ban, but none of them gained success.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tested the levels of this chemical in urine samples of 2,600 people. Phthalate was found in most adults, especially women. The research was conducted in 2006.

Natural alternatives to nail polish

Fortunately, there are some companies that have decided to create natural alternatives that eliminate the risks of suffering from allergies, cancer, and hormonal disorders.

1.Honeybee Gardens

It has a line of natural nail polish in a wide variety of colors. They are made of water and contain absolutely no trace of dangerous chemicals or carcinogens.


It has a selection of more than 50 colors of nail varnish. All water-based and without formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate or mercury.


It is a brand of nail polish free of toxins and is also vegan.

4.Peacekeeper Cause-Metics

It also has some enamels based on argan oil and free of toxins.

This will also moisturize your nails.t is true that the nails painted look very nice, but is it really worth taking such risks?

Source: http://www.healthy-holistic-living.com


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This Is What Happens To Your Body 10 Hours After Applying The Nail Polish! The vast majority of almost every women is to paint their nails. But, do you know that the nail polish contains chemical components that are toxic and can cause damage to the body, not only superficially,...