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Why is it necessary that new mothers breastfeed babies and so they supply all the necessary nutrients for growth and development. Colostrum is secreted five days after birth, golden yellow in color and has the highest nutritional value
For proper growth and development of the child breast milk is critical. It is not rare that many women, including celebrities, breastfeeding and longer than usual. This diet, in fact, no alternative because breast milk is the healthiest and nothing can replace him.

– Feeding human milk in the mother’s breast is of invaluable importance for the full development of the baby. The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding as long as there is milk and the baby wants to suck, not more than four years, because it was already losing value. In addition to this milk possesses absolutely all useful ingredients for proper development, breast-feeding establishes a specific and strong connection between the baby and the mother – says pediatrician, a neonatologist Primarius Dr. Radmila Mileusnić, head of the First Serbian Human Milk Bank of the Institute for Neonatology.


Does the quality of breast milk changes?

A distinction is the first milk after birth of the child, known as colostrum. This milk is secreted five days after its composition and appearance is completely different from the latter. This is the “baby’s gold” because it is a golden yellow color, the richer it is all useful and most nutritious ingredients. A baby who gets it, locks the intestinal barrier and prevents the penetration of unwanted bacteria. After colostrum, transitional milk coming for 10 to 15 days, and then mature milk, which establishes the normal way Save. As for the quality, any milk that baby gets breastfeeding is more beneficial than formula milk because it contains immune factors, enzymes, trace elements …

What does the milk formula?

This is actually a milk powder, baby food, which complements or can be given if the mother does not breastfeed. Infant formula is adapted to the age of the first to the sixth month of the sixth month to a year. However, the rule that requires the WHO is to exclude all the supplements in the first six months, if the mother has enough milk. After six months, if there is not enough milk is given milk formula. If the baby is placed on early feeding milk formula, from the fourth to the sixth month of meals must be mixed. This means that you need to introduce rice and corn cereals, meal of vegetables, fruit purées.

What is the diet after six months?

Between June and July are fed into other grains with gluten, rye, barley, oats. It is important to first give the baby salty snacks. If you go with a sweet, salty deducted to accept. If the manifest intolerance to gluten, it is a real diet. When you do not possess the enzyme for breaking down gluten diet will remain for life. In the first year, babies should not be given food that swells as beans, cabbage, green beans, peas. And avoid foods that can cause allergies, such as strawberries, citrus fruits, some types of fish … unprocessed cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk also does not give the first 12 months. But why can not eat butter, cheeses, spreads.And the weather should be introduced as many foods with a spoon. After the first year, a child eats everything they eat and the household, assuming that he likes.

If he does not like adult food?

If he does not like something, do not be at any cost to insist on eating. In fact, at the moment when a parent sees that they are willing to take food, he needs to give pieces. In any case, after the sixth month the baby should not be force fed because it leads to the children later in life became a dependent and insecure. Around nine months, when the child began to walk normally, you should put it to sit while eating, if it so wishes. Baby first walk sideways, then forward, backward. Everything else is a misinterpretation of parents and torture for the baby, who is not ready to sit down.


If the mother has no milk obtained from milk banks. For eight meals during the day, saved 30 to 80 ml, depending on the quantity of milk which the bank has. This is a very important non-profit organizations engaged in the collection, processing and distribution of vitally important ingredients. Females are breastfeeding mothers who have excess milk and occur on its own initiative. The same act and mothers of premature infants, housed at the Institute for Neonatology.

Mothers and their selfless gesture of giving milk represents a top charity. At the moment when they occur, transport specialist team goes with them to see if they are eligible to be donors. They must be mentally and physically healthy, without any treatment.If you are tattooed, from tattoos must undergo six months. If you have received a transfusion again must pass half a year.

The blood must be found viruses. When you meet all conditions, a professional team training them how to milk is collected and stored, then it relates to the bank, processed, subject to bacteriological analysis and freezes. In our country, these banks have in our Institute for Neonatology opening is a great support globally known nutritionist and dietician Gillian therapeutic Viver.

The key thing is to fight for every drop of breast milk because it is a matter of survival and avoidance of damage to different babies. Breast milk significantly reduces the possibility that a child gets sick, and mortality. In addition, breast-feeding does not affect the quality of the breast, which is feared by many women. But we should consider ladies with silicone, as implanted in the chest substances for which no one knows for sure what the consequences of leaving the immune system of babies and later child – says this expert.

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Why is it necessary that new mothers breastfeed babies and so they supply all the necessary nutrients for growth and development. Colostrum is secreted five days after birth, golden yellow in color and has the highest nutritional value For proper growth and development of the child breast milk is critical....