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“Headache always conquer pill,” says Cornelius (31) from Zagreb. “Last month I caught a severe headache. I take a pill and a glass of water, but I was momentarily distracted by a phone call. When I hung up I took a painkiller and litter. As usual, within half an hour headache was gone and I felt like new. However, when I got up, I found an empty glass but the pill was untouched. Distracted by phone, I drank only water, not a pill, but the pain is still gone. “

Cornelius is one of many who have experienced the placebo effect, improving the health status influenced by positive suggestions. Placebo (Latin for “I will please”) is based on confusion, deception or falsehood, but its effects are real and tangible. Occupation Science for placebo phenomenon originates from well-intentioned lie imposed by an American nurse during the Allied invasion of southern Italy in the Second World War. The nurse anesthetist aids Henry Beecher, who treated the wounded. When consumed morphine, a nurse told the next wounded man to give him an injection of a powerful analgesic, although the injection contained the ordinary seawater.


Miraculously, a fake injection was wounded and alleviates pain, and Beecher is attributed to the impact of positive suggestions. In the brains of people who believe that they are getting the drug (whether true or not) comes to healing biochemical changes. If you suffer from a trustworthy person hears it will get the drug, the brain produces hormones of well being (such as endorphins, endorphins, dopamine).

This chemical cocktail challenged faith in the healing therapy relieves pain, improves mood, increases concentration, increases immunity, restores blood pressure to normal, as well as heart rate, breathing, digestion and sleep. Placebo activates natural “health care system” that owns the human body. The expectation of alleviating the problems triggering mechanism that increases physical and mental well-being.

Miracle placebo

Placebo proved to be the most efficient of the conditions listed under the direct control of the central nervous system, which are: all the diseases in which they are present pain, psychiatric and neurological diseases such as depression, anxiety and Parkinson’s disease. That’s understandable, because just a placebo effect on the central nervous system. For example, medication for depression, and the analgesic effect of 50 percent is attributed to placebo effects. Patients who had a wisdom tooth extracted experienced the same relief of the real and the fake ultrasound treatment, provided that both they and dentists believe that the device is turned on.

Research shows a surprising examples placebo. In one study, doctors successfully remove warts by having them painted bright blue, with no medicinal properties, telling patients that the warts disappear when the color fades. In an experiment using asthmatics has been discovered that their airways are wider and when they are given a false agent for inhalation. In 11 studies, 52 percent of patients with colitis (inflammatory bowel disease) said that they are better even though they have received counterfeit drug, and the footage showed a reduction of inflammation in 50 percent of patients treated with placebo.

Some people have lack the mechanism of placebo. For patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease analgesics act worse than in healthy people, because their neural connections between lobes and centers for pleasure damaged. They are suggestions on the effectiveness of the drug does not reach the brain center that should excrete hormones While, on the other hand, healthy patients feel the beneficial effects of the drug and placebo, patients who can not imagine the future due to disturbances in the cerebral cortex just feel the effect of the drug.

On the effect of the drug can affect the color and shape. Good affected by external features pills increase the effectiveness of real medicines, as well as placebo in pharmaceutical testing. Yellow and orange pills are best for antidepressants, since these optimistic colors reminiscent of sunlight. Red tablets are suitable for stimulants. Green tablets best reduce anxiety, tension and worry. White is used for the treatment of gastric ulcers and digestive disturbances. It does matter how many times a day we take medicine. Several small doses were better than a large one. Placebo to be administered four times daily causes greater improvement than that which is given in two divided doses. If the appeal or on the packaging printed a famous name drug or the manufacturer, the effect will be greater than that of “anonymous” drug. A good name reinforces the action and the actual drugs

Placebo otherwise has “evil brother”. His name is nocebo (Latin for “harm”), which activates stress mechanism in a similar manner to that of placebo include a mechanism of comfort and healing. For example, men who take the drug frequently transcribed for enlarged prostate have twice the rate of impotence if you are advised to keep their drug could cause impotence, but if they were not told about anything.

In one study, 30 percent of the volunteers who were given false chemotherapy suffered hair loss are very obviously in terrible story of chemotherapy that is heard before. “If you hear sirens and see smoke, you will come to the conclusion that something is wrong and the body will enter a state of stress. By this formula works and nocebo, “said Tor Vager, a neurologist at Columbia University.

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    'Headache always conquer pill,' says Cornelius (31) from Zagreb. 'Last month I caught a severe headache. I take a pill and a glass of water, but I was momentarily distracted by a phone call. When I hung up I took a painkiller and litter. As usual, within half an...