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Bentonite Clay is natural healing clay that is gaining popularity for its ability to help draw toxins out of the body, and speed the healing process. It is harvested from naturally occurring volcanic ash in the United States, contains high levels of trace minerals including silicon, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Bentonite is heralded for its internal cleansing properties. This natural clay has been used to help individuals afflicted with several 
different symptoms of constipation (such as bloating and gas) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. As a result, Bentonite clay has become a popular ingredient of many detoxification programs.

Bentonite Clay can help:

  • Reducing Inflammation,
  • Detoxifying the Skin,
  • Detoxifying the Intestines and Colon, and
  • Getting more Nutrients and Vitamins in the Body.

One teaspoon of bentonite clay a day will help you to alkalize the body!

When you buy clay, make sure it’s food grade clay or a medicinal clay like bentonite or montmorillonite clay.

Clay absorbs the toxins and microorganisms

The reason clay is beneficial is it absorbs the toxins and microorganisms, and so if your body has been exposed to any type of bad bacteria, heavy metal or something that shouldn’t be in your body, clay really binds to things. It’s going through your body and sticking to and binding to those toxins, pulling them out of your body.


Perfect for detoxifying heavy metals and parasites cleansing

The first main benefit you’re going to have with using bentonite clay is that it really supports your body with healthy detoxification. It absorbs the heavy metals, perfect for a heavy metal detox. It absorbs environmental pollutants plus different types of bad bacteria and parasites and other chemicals that you may be exposed to.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Women have been putting on clay face masks for well over 100 years and seeing great results in their skin by doing so. This has been shown to be an effective natural treatment for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, as well as an excellent home remedy for acne, and helping to naturally slow the aging of your skin.

To make a clay face mask, start by mixing just a little bit of water with clay, rub it on your face, leave it on there for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off. Clay will actually bind to the bad bacteria on your skin that can cause things like acne as well as other chemicals and gently pull them out from your skin.

Supports the Digestive System

Clay supports the digestive system and digestive health. You can take about one teaspoon of clay a day mixed with water to get this bentonite clay benefit. You can do this right before you go to bed or first thing in the morning. If you want to do it between meals take it about an hour apart from a meal.

If you struggle with an issue, especially like diarrhea, loose stools, leaky gut, etc., you can benefit from taking a teaspoon of clay a day.

Especially useful as a step to cure diarrhea!

Just one teaspoon a day will really go through your system. If you have pathogenic bacteria, or different types of metals or toxins within the body, the clay will absorb and help your body eliminate any of this junk.

Bentonite Clay is Natural Multivitamin

 It’s absolutely true!

 When you look at the minerals that are found in clay, it’s tremendous. The soil itself is packed with healthy minerals and clay especially.

You’ll no longer need to ask if your multivitamin is helping or hurting you. Now, obviously, you need to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis as well along with bentonite clay.

Alkalize the body

In addition, bentonite clay is packed with minerals, and it’s very alkalizing to the body. If you’re looking to get your body more alkaline, it has a lot of alkaline minerals, especially things like iron, magnesium and zinc, and a lot of those minerals in the soil that are alkaline in nature.

This helps reduce acidity and alkalize the body.

One teaspoon of clay a day is going to bring your body tremendous health benefits.

Boosts Immunity by Killing Harmful Bacteria and Viruses

In a study from Arizona State University, bentonite clay was found to be highly effective at killing MRSA as well as Salmonella, E.Coli and others. What is promising as research continues in this area is that depending on the method in which the clay kills the infection, it may not be possible for the MRSA or other bacteria to develop a resistance to it as it does with antibiotics.

Improves the Health of Teeth and Gums

The mouth is one of the most susceptible areas of the body when it comes to harmful outside “invaders” taking over, like bacteria and toxins.

Bentonite clay binds to unhealthy substances in the mouth, such as around the teeth and on the tongue and gums, and helps to remove them before you swallow them and become sick. Because of Bentonite’s anti-bacterial properties it has been used in natural toothpastes and even mixed with water and used as a daily rinse.

How to Use Bentonite Clay Internally


One teaspoon in a full glass – for a minimum of thirty minutes, but several hours is preferable. The water activates its electromagnetic charge. Be sure to remove the metallic spoon used to stir from the water. Preparing the glassful before bed is a good habit. The longer the clay sits in the water the more it imparts its electromagnetic charge into the water, making the water into medicine. The whole glass gets charged, so you don’t need very much of the physicality of the clay itself to draw toxins. This is true not only regarding the detoxifying action of clay but even more so for its catalytic actions. Catalytic action simply refers to those actions in the body that are stimulated by the presence of clay rather than by its direct contact, such as the ability to restore organ function, stimulate red blood cells, regulate radioactivity in the body. These catalytic functions I have no direct understanding of, but refer to information cleaned from reading in order to give my readers a little deeper sense of the range of the internal healing influences of clay.

It’s recommended to avoid combining clay therapy with either pharmaceutical or homeopathic medicines. The action of clay is inhibited by medicines. Wait until you are not on any medicine regime before trying clay cleansing.

Clay water should be ingested on an empty stomach if possible, either early in the morning or before bed. If taken a little before meals it can decrease stomach pains that occur after eating. And even though you are taking it in solution, still be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. For people with a tendency toward constipation, it is better to take your clay in the evening. A daily regime can be as long as three weeks; then take a break of at least a week. Clay cleansing is totally compatible with nutritive cleansing, but if combining it with complete fasting (water or juices only).




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Bentonite Clay is natural healing clay that is gaining popularity for its ability to help draw toxins out of the body, and speed the healing process. It is harvested from naturally occurring volcanic ash in the United States, contains high levels of trace minerals including silicon, magnesium, calcium and...