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Black Cumin Seed Oil (also often called Black Coriander Oil or simply Black Oil) comes from the Nigella sativa plant that is native to Asia, and it grows to 20-30 cm tall.

Black cumin oil is probably the single most important oil you can put in your system. Every time you take black cumin you are stimulating your immune system to fight on your behalf and increase natural killer cells.” Null was referring to its ability to improve the immune system, treat cancer and HIV successfully. No truer words were ever spoken. Black cumin is also known as Nigella sativa, black seeds and kalonji and has been healing maladies of the body for more than 2,000 years.

 Its active compounds, crystalline nigellone and thymoquinone, are the most studied, but it also contains: myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, proteins and vitamins B1, B2, B3, Calcium , Folate,  Iron, Copper, Zinc and Phosphorous.

It has been confirmed that black seeds have many health and pharmacological benefits. Black cumin seeds and oil have been used cleansing the liver, treating diarrhea, reducing blood pressure, supporting healthy digestion, treating skin disorders, reducing fluid retention and stimulating the appetite.

These seeds can be also used to reduce pain and inflammation, regulate the immune system, open the tiny air passages in the lungs and kill microorganisms. Also, they are known as a powerful antioxidant. Several studies have also shown that black cumin seeds oil is effective against tuberculosis, cancer, allergies, asthma and AIDS.

One of the most important ingredients that contain the black cumin seed oil is thymoquinone. It is proven by scientists that the thymoquinone possess beneficial therapeutic potential on human health. Not only cancer, thymoquinone has an effect against problems with kidney, liver and prostate gland, too.

 Without side effects, it helps in the destruction of cancer cells.

A 2010 study found that black seed oil was effective for patients with H. pylori infection (without ulcers). Studies have also shown that Nigella Sativa was effective against MRSA.

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Diarrhea: Mix a cup of yogurt with a teaspoon of black cumin seed oil. Take this mixture twice a day.

Asthma and cough relief: For cough, mix a teaspoon of black cumin seed oil into a cup of ginger tea and take this twice a day, massage or an amount of the oil over your chest. For asthma, and boiling water put one teaspoon of oil of black seed and inhale twice a day

Colds and flu: Take a teaspoon of black cumin seed oil once a day with plenty of fluids. This works for controlling the high blood pressure also.

Toothaches: To reduce the pain, the edge of a small amount of oil on the affected tooth and gum. Repeat this for 15 seconds. You can also use a glass of water mixed with a half teaspoon of black seed oil as a mouth wash.

Allergies: Take a teaspoon of oil twice a day to reduce the symptoms of allergies like sneezing.

Diabetes: Take a cup of black seeds, a cup of mustard seeds, and half a cup of fumitory and half a cup of pomegranate peel. Take a half a teaspoon and a teaspoon of black seed oil every day before breakfast.

Headaches: With a small amount of black cumin seed oil massage the forehead and the sides of the face near the ears; also take a teaspoon of the oil before breakfast.

Muscular pains: With a small amount of black seed oil massage the area of the pain.

Hair loss: Mix a teaspoon of black seed oil in tea or coffee and drink it. Than massage the scalp with black seed oil.

Arthritis and Backache: Massage black seed oil into the affected joints deeply. Take a teaspoon of black seed oil daily.

Tiredness: Consume a mix of black seed oil with a glass of pure orange juice every morning before breakfast.

Insomnia: Consume one table spoon of black seed oil mixed with honey every evening.

Cardiovascular: Drink a mix of half a tsp of black cumin seed oil with warm water before breakfast.

Eye disease: Because carrots make the better eye sight, mix a cup of it with half a teaspoon of black seed oil and drink.


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Black Seeds Oil Kills Lung Cancer Cells

Saudi Arabian researchers reported in 2014 that black seeds have been used in traditional medicine to treat many diseases. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial activities of black seed oil are well known. This study investigated the anti-cancer activity of black seed oil and black seed extract when used against human lung cancer cells in the laboratory. Scientists exposed lung cancer cells to black seed oil or to black seed extract for 24 hours. They used 0.01 mg/ml to 1 mg/ml of the oil or the extract in this experiment. After the exposure, the cancer cell viability was assessed.

The results showed that both the black seed oil and the black seed extract significantly reduce the population of living cancer cells and altered the cellular morphology. They found that the greater the concentration of the oil or the extract that was used to treat the cancer cells, the greater the level of cell death. Also, both the black seed oil and the black seed extract caused the cancer cells to lose their typical appearance and to appear smaller in size. Researchers concluded that their data revealed that black seed extract and black seed oil significantly reduce viability of human lung cancer cells.

Black Seeds Inhibit Breast Cancer

A 2013 study, conducted in Malaysia, addressed the anti-cancer efficiency of thymoquinone when it was used for long-term treatment of human breast cancer cell lines in the laboratory. Thymoquinone showed a sustained ability to inhibit breast cancer cell proliferation with long-term treatment. The length of inhibition was determined by the size of the thymoquinone dose. Larger doses produced greater inhibition.

Black Seed Interfere with Uncontrolled Cell Growth and Kill Liver Cancer Cells

In 2013, researchers in India investigated the use of thymoquinone, which is a compound derived from black seeds. Two groups of rats with liver cancer were studied. One group was given water to drink that contained 0.01% thymoquinone, and the other group was given plain water. After 16 weeks, the liver cancer nodules, liver injury markers and tumor markers were measured in both groups. The rats that did not receive the thymoquinone had substantial increases in liver tumor size. However, the rats that received 20 mg of thymoquinone per kilogram for body weight had greatly reduced liver injury markers and decreased tumor markers. The group treated with thymoquinone from black seed oil did not develop liver cancer nodules, and the amount of new tumor formation was much less than the untreated group of rats. They concluded that thymoquinone had a beneficial role in the treatment of liver cancer, because of its potent ability to prevent cancer cells from proliferating.

A 2012 study from Egypt evaluated anti-tumor effects of bee honey and black seed oil on human liver cancer cells in laboratory experiments. They examined the antioxidant capacity of honey and black seed extract, and the ability of these substances to eliminate unhealthy cells such as cancer. They found that both honey and black seed extract were effective in reducing the viability of liver cancer cells. Honey and black seed extract also improved the antioxidant status of cells and induced cancer cell death by apoptosis.

Black Seed Components Kill Malignant Brain Cancer Cells

Researchers from Ohio State University published a study in 2013 indicating that glioblastoma is the most aggressive and common type of malignant brain tumor in humans, with a median survival of 15 months. These researchers emphasized that there is a great need for additional therapies for the treatment of glioblastoma. Naturally occurring phytochemicals have received much scientific attention because many exhibit potent tumor killing action. Thymoquinone is one of the bioactive compounds of black seed oil. Thymoquinone has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer actions. It has selective cytotoxic properties for human cells, which means that it kills human cancer cells while not being harmful to normal cells.

This specific study examined how thymoquinone selectively inhibits the ability of glioblastoma cancer cells of the brain and spinal cord from making clones of themselves. Thymoquinone, however, does not inhibit normal cell activity in the human brain and spinal cord. Another important ability of thymoquinone is the inhibition of autophagy genes in cancer cells. Autophagy in cancer cells enables continued growth of tumor cells by maintaining cellular energy production. If autophagy is inhibited, then cellular energy production for cancer cells will also be inhibited. This will result in a regression of tumor activity, and will extend the survival of organs affected by tumors. Thus, thymoquinone’s ability to inhibit cancer cells from making clones of themselves and its ability to inhibit cancer cells from reusing cellular materials from other cells by means of autophagy, provide an exciting and emerging strategy for cancer therapy.




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Black Cumin Seed Oil (also often called Black Coriander Oil or simply Black Oil) comes from the Nigella sativa plant that is native to Asia, and it grows to 20-30 cm tall. Black cumin oil is probably the single most important oil you can put in your system. Every time...